2016-2017 Football Season Review!

2016-2017 Football Season Review!

The 2016-2017 football season is in the books and it’s time to reflect on our results.

Our aim at the start of the season was to provide high quality, free tips covering a range of different leagues and bet types. We recorded results for our main bet types on our Football tips page and inplay tips on Twitter from August 2016 to May 2017. Let’s take a look at how we got on:

The Good

 Win Accumulators  +£1,203.51
 Half Time Accumulators  +£970.53
 Match Goals Accumulators  +£412.40
 Inplays  +£432.69
 Correct Score Doubles  +£250.00

Win Accumulators

We’re delighted to end up in decent profit for our win accumulators. They are our most popular bet type and to come out on top over the season is fantastic. One downfall would be that we didn’t land a big Saturday accumulator all season but just goes to show we’re doing a good job over the course of the season on our win accumulators!

Half Time Accumulators

These were introduced last season and our accumulators we place at half time when there’s a big schedule of games on (Saturday afternoon or midweek football league/Champions League and Europa League). Another very popular bet type because it combines two things we love – accumulators and inplays! It was no surprise really when you combine our two best skills into one bet type that we were going to profit on half time accumulators!

Match Goals Accumulators

These were brought in to replace our Daily Double which we axed 6 months into last season and it came out one of our top performing tips. We’re excited to see how this tip performs over the 2017/18 season as it could really add a big chunk of profit to our total if we keep the form up.


Inplay performance was down on last season’s £1,152.84 profit but we still ended the season way up. We’ve brought in a couple of new inplay tipsters for the 2017/18 season to help the profit total and make it three profitable seasons in a row on inplays. We’re also launching our mobile app in the summer of 2017 which will be ready for the new season to make it even easier to follow all of our inplay bets on the move in the new season.

The Bad

 Both Teams To Score & Win Accumulators  -£1,550.70
 Both Teams To Score Accumulators  -£915.30
 £10 to £1,000 Challenge  -£700


Both Teams To Score & Win

This seems to be our bogey bet, we just can’t get one to land. We can blame bad luck and misfortune all we like but we need to improve on this bet. We have considered dropping it like the daily double but we think we’re due some success with this tip. The thing we can take out of it here is that we’re two or three winners away from season profit at an average odds of 50/1+.

Both Teams To Score 

It hurts to go from £600 in profit one season to -£915 the next. That’s all we have to say on this one and will obviously look to correct it next season.

£10 to £1,000 Challenge

After landing 4 challenges in the last 3 seasons we failed to land one this year. We got mighty close on more than one occasion which can be seen by only being -£700 over the whole season. We should be landing at least one or two challenges every season and this will change next year!

The Fallen Soldier

After causing us a huge loss last season of -£2,042.17 we axed the daily double 6 months into the season at another loss of -£1,273.03. We realise it sounds very easy on paper to pick an evens double that’ll win about 60% of the time to make profit but we simply didn’t have any success with it so stopped doing it. We have no shame in admitting that it just wasn’t a bet we got on with.

Overall it was a fairly disappointing season even if there was some highlights and big wins but compare it to last season where we managed to make £5,819 profit and you’ll understand why. However over the two season’s we are still in over £4,800 profit so we can’t really complain too much and we’ll look to continue to improve, hire new tipsters in specialist areas and look to make 2017-2018 bigger and better than 2015-2016!

Good luck if you choose to follow any of our tips in the new season and we wish you all the best with your own betting!

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