£25 to £1,000 In-Play Challenge Completed!

£25 to £1,000 In-Play Challenge Completed!

After landing our last £25-£1,000 challenge in June, our tipsters have started the season in magnificent style, landing another £25-£1000 in-play challenge in 17 bets. Incredible!

We were already having a sensational month, having landed a 122/1 Mega Odds Accumulator, 62/1 Win Accumulator, 26/1 International Accumulator and 15/1 Match Goals Accumulator in the last 2 weeks alone. We have now topped all these by landing our £25-£1000 In-play challenge on our twitter page and our free app.

How does the £25-£1,000 challenge work?

We start the challenge with £25 on the first bet, then place the winnings (stake+profit) onto bet 2. When that lands we place the winnings from bet 2 onto bet 3 etc. until we hit £1000. Today we completed our recent in-play challenge and won our followers a huge £1,000 in the process. Follow us on Twitter to join in the next £1,000 challenge!

How do i join in the next £25-£1,000 challenge?

You will need to have a bet365 account to join in the next in-play challenge, if you don’t have an account then sign up here and get up to a £200 deposit bonus!

You can also join in our challenges on our free app, which you can download for Android and iOS here.

Here are the 17 bets we used to complete our £25-£1000 Challenge:

£25 to £1000 challenge lands

When does your next £25-£1000 in-play challenge start?

Our next challenge will start on Saturday 16th September on our twitter page and on our free app. Head over to them now to join in!

Special mention:

Huge shout-out to @Surreycricfan who was on our challenge from the very start. Here is his betslip from the final bet of the challenge. Congratulations to James, and we hope he enjoys the profit!

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