£25 to £1,000 Inplay Challenge

£25 to £1,000 Inplay Challenge

We’re always trying to increase the profitability and strike rate of all tips here at Free Super Tips which has brought about some changes to our inplay challenges.

The idea of the challenge is to start with a small stake, back banker bets at short odds and rollover the returns each time. It should take us around 10 best to reach the £1,000 mark!

Challenge Rules

  • One or two bets per day (mainly one during the week and two per day on weekends)
  • Banker odds of around 1/3 – 1/2
  • Bets will be posted at specific times each day so followers know when to expect the challenge bets and can get on every bet easily:
    Weekdays – after 7pm
    Saturdays – after 2pm
    Sundays – after 12pm

How To Join

  1. Sign up for a new bet365 account – it is essential to have an account with bet365 so you are able to follow all of our challenges bets and gives you the best chance of completing the challenge
  2. Follow us on Twitter to get notifications when every bet is posted
  3. Get ready to BOOOOMM and complete the challenge!

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