Angry Huddersfield fan rages at talkSPORT’s Jason Cundy after he brands his beloved club ‘Cruddersfield’

Angry Huddersfield fan rages at talkSPORT’s Jason Cundy after he brands his beloved club ‘Cruddersfield’

A Huddersfield fan exploded with rage at Jason Cundy on air after the talkSPORT presenter branded his beloved club ‘Cruddersfield’.

The former Chelsea defender, standing in as host on the Hawksbee and Jacobs show, said the ‘dreadful’ Terriers are one of the worst teams he has ever seen play in the Premier League.

He also branded Huddersfield’s 0-0 draw with newly-promoted Cardiff City back in August the ‘El Crudico’.

David Wagner’s side have endured a tough second campaign in the Premier League

Speaking on Thursday, Cundy said: “In the first game of the season Chelsea played them, and I thought they were dreadful.

“I said then they’ll go down, and I’ve not seen anything since that game to change my mind that they’re going to stay up. They’re bottom, where they belong.

“Huddersfield for me, they are one of the worst sides I’ve seen in the Premier League.

“They’re Cruddersfield!”

Huddersfield currently sit rock-bottom of the table having claimed just two wins from 19 games this season.

And, two years after their promotion via the Championship play-offs, Cundy believes their time in the top flight is over.

But George the Terriers supporter took exception to the talkSPORT host’s comments and called into Thursday’s H&J show to vent his anger…

GEORGE: “Jason, there’s no need to say we’re a League One team!

“We’re in the Premier League, we fought our way with no money, no budget and we’re there on merit! To call us Cruddersfield? I just want an apology!”

JASON CUNDY: “An… an apology? For what? For telling the truth? Huddersfield are a dreadful team…”


George the Huddersfield fan was not happy with Jason Cundy

JC: “I’m sorry, but from what I’ve seen of Huddersfield this season…”

G: “Have you even watched a game this season? Name three players for me then… oh you can’t name them can you because you’ve not watched us!

“*Inaudible yelling*… I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YER!”

SAM DELANEY: “George, calm down!”

Listen to the exchange between Jason Cundy and George the angry Huddersfield fan IN FULL above!

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