Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Triple H and other rumours CM Punk may face in dream WWE return at WrestleMania 36

Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Triple H and other rumours CM Punk may face in dream WWE return at WrestleMania 36

So, CM Punk is finally back in the wrestling world.

Yes, he is employed by FOX and not WWE, but one doesn’t happen without the other.

CM Punk back where he belongs

WWE had to give their blessing for FOX to hire Punk and they wouldn’t or couldn’t have without that. Does it mean Punk will wrestle again? Absolutely not.

Is it possible? Of course. The door is clearly open for a working relationship.

Here’s five avenues that have been rumoured or hinted at that Punk may go down with WWE.

Triple H

Before CM Punk left WWE in 2014 just after the Royal Rumble, it’s widely known he was set for a WrestleMania date with Triple H.

Triple H standing in an NXT ring

Since Punk has left, Triple H has endeared himself to the WWE fans as the genius behind NXT and is now heading into the winter of his career, at best.

It would be a nice story for Punk to come back and close that chapter that he never got to. The story between the two runs deep and it would be an easy one to tell.

Seth Rollins

The Architect of The Shield wasn’t actually the Architect of The Shield at all. That accolade belongs to CM Punk as the faction was his idea.

Shortly after Punk arrived on FOX’s WWE Backstage, Rollins tweeted Punk asking for him to fight him, presumably in a WWE ring!

This is another instance where telling the story of how Punk made Rollins’ big break happen and now Rollins is one of the faces of the company as Punk returns would be very easy.

Shane McMahon

This one writes itself, doesn’t it?

Shane McMahon won the WWE World Cup in Saudi Arabia for the right to call himself the ‘Best in the World’.

Immediately, fans didn’t like the idea and felt like it was disrespectful to Punk, a man who had earned that moniker during his time in WWE.

Shane McMahon on SmackDown Live when he was GM

It would be a good starting spot for Punk to get into a wild feud with Shane McMahon over the name and a fun way to re-introduce him.

Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman’s guys, right?

It’s been rumoured WWE are looking for a big, marquee match for Brock Lesnar at next year’s WrestleMania and putting him against former foe Punk would do it.

Brock Lesnar dominated as champion on RAW

WWE aren’t convinced by Cain Velasquez and although they will build to a rematch and thus rubber match with Lesnar, will it be at WrestleMania? Doubtful.

Punk may well challenge for the WWE title in the main event of WrestleMania like he’s always dreamed…

Samoa Joe

This one seems a little far-fetched because if Punk does work in WWE again, he’ll be working with the top of the top on the biggest stages.

Samoa Joe cutting a promo on RAW

However, these two are legendary opponents in their own right that never shared their magic in a WWE ring.

YouTube them from their Ring of Honor days if you want to see some amazing matches. Maybe these two would have the hunger to do it again? It seems the least likely of all rumours given Joe’s current position in WWE, but you never know.

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