Draft Kings Daily Fantasy Football

Draft Kings Daily Fantasy Football

Draft Kings are daily fantasy sports giants in the US and they’ve now launched in the UK for the new Premier League season!

For those of you who don’t know what daily fantasy sports are, think of building your traditional fantasy football team but having a one day season and getting paid out the prize at the end of the day. The prize pool is split out in a tiered system, like a poker tournament, you don’t have to win in order to make profit.

£40,000 Premier League Kick Off Special!

The Premier League is back with a bang on Saturday. You have 6 games to select your 8 man team from. A £3 entry fee you could scoop a huge slice of the £40,000 prize pool.

How to play

  • Players will be assigned a budget of $50,000 to select their team
  • Once you’ve selected your team, pay your entry fee for your chance to win
  • Watch the games and keep track of how your team is performing under the ‘live contests’ tab
  • The more points you score, the bigger cash prize you win

Player scoring

Players will accumulate points as follows:

  • Goal = +10 PTs
  • Assist = +6 PTs
  • Shot = +1 PTs
  • Shot on Goal = +1 PTs
  • Crosses = +0.75 PTs (via corner kick, open play, and set pieces)
  • Fouls Drawn = +1 PTs
  • Fouls Conceded = -0.5 PTs
  • Tackle Won = +1 PTs
  • Pass Intercepted (D,M,F) = +0.5 PTs
  • Yellow Card = -1.5 PTs
  • Red Card = -3 PTs
  • Penalty Kick Miss = -5 PTs
  • Saves (GK) = +2 PTs
  • Goal Conceded (GK) = -2 PTs
  • Clean Sheet (GK) = +5 PTs
  • Clean Sheet (D) = +3 PTs
  • Win (GK) = +5 PTs
  • Penalty Kick Save (GK) = +3 PTs

£400 Deposit Bonus

Sign up for a new DraftKings account today and get a £400 deposit bonus! To receive your bonus, make a deposit of up to £400 and you’ll receive a 100% deposit bonus.

Want to play for free?

DraftKings also have a free contest to play with a $500 prize pool on the opening weekend. So you can try your hand for free and win a cash prize!

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