Former Premier League ref Peter Walton admits Mike Dean DOES celebrate goals

Former Premier League ref Peter Walton admits Mike Dean DOES celebrate goals

Former Premier League referee Peter Walton has admitted Mike Dean does celebrate goals.

Dean, who has refereed in the English top-flight for nearly 20 years, became the first Premier League official to brandish 100 red cards on Tuesday night after sending off Ashley Young.

Walton has admitted Mike Dean does celebrate goals

And in light of Dean’s record, Walton, who retired from officiating in the top-flight in 2012, has claimed no referee goes out to games with the intention to dish out bookings.

“Showing red cards is not something that referees look forward to,” Walton wrote in the Times,

“It’s not part of our makeup — but issuing red cards is part of the game.

“Will it have played on his mind? No, he will have just gone out there and refereed the game between Manchester United and Wolverhampton Wanderers.”

Dean has given out 100 red cards

Walton, 59, continued to say fans should appreciate Dean’s high-level game management throughout his career and remarkably admitted that he does, indeed, celebrate goals during matches.

He wrote: “He is a great guy to have within the referees’ group, very relaxed and confident and he is not afraid to show his sense of humour and character on the field.

“Just look at the way he celebrates goals and his pronounced hand signals after he has made big decisions.

“He celebrates the fact that he has contributed to that goal by having the confidence and skill to play an advantage.


– Dean’s first Premier League red card was dished out to Newcastle’s Nolberto Solano in their 1-0 defeat to Ipswich in April 2001

– His 100th red card was handed out to Ashley Young for a second yellow card in Manchester United’s 2-1 defeat at Wolves on Tuesday night

– Dean has sent five players off twice: Andy Cole (Fulham and Man City), Fernando Torres (Chelsea), Laurent Koscielny (Arsenal), Mike Williamson (Newcastle) and Richard Dunne (Manchester City)

– The teams with the most dismissals are Chelsea and Manchester City, with nine red cards a piece

– Elsewhere, Newcastle have 7, Arsenal 6, Stoke, Spurs and West Brom 5

– Dean has shown two red cards in 12 different league games, and has twice shown three red cards in one match:

*West Brom 1-1 Fulham (Diop, Clement, Cole) Sep 2004

*Man City 1-2 Spurs (Fernandes, Dunne, Assou-Ekotto) Nov 2008

In total, Dean has sent 94 players from 33 different teams for an early bath.

51 of his century were straight reds, 49 were for second yellows

– The 2018-19 campaign has been his busiest season yet, with 10 dismissals.

– Dean sent off nine players in 2007-2008 and 2015-16.

– Aside from his first two seasons, 2010-2011 saw his lowest total with two.

“When you make a great decision you get a warm glow inside; some people have to punch the air or clench their fist and Mike is one of those people.

“Mike has a confident nature and can openly show his emotions and I think good for him. He is celebrating the goal for the good of football and the good of his own performance.

“There are just a few referees around the world who display that and Mike is one of them and that’s why he is still at the top after 19 years.”

Pochettino was involved in an angry confrontation with Dean earlier this season

Dean has been one of the Premier League’s most recognisable figures since the early 2000s – and he is miles ahead in the all-time red card race, with no other official reaching 60 yet.

While his career has been laden with controversy, he enjoyed a relatively quiet night on Tuesday as Wolves dealt a huge blow to Man United’s top-four hopes.

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