Jarrell Miller: Frank Warren says American ‘needs to be chucked out of the sport’ and Dillian Whyte deserves to fight Anthony Joshua

Jarrell Miller: Frank Warren says American ‘needs to be chucked out of the sport’ and Dillian Whyte deserves to fight Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua is on the look out for a new opponent with less than six weeks until his June 1 fight.

Jarrell Miller has now been denied a boxing licence by the New York State’s Athletic Commission after the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) flagged up irregularities in a recent drugs test.

Miller’s big shot at Joshua has passed him by

Miller, 30, is still waiting for his B sample and can reapply should something positive come out of that, but his date with Joshua at Madison Square Garden is officially off.

The race to find an opponent is underway and boxing promoter Frank Warren exclusively told talkSPORT that Dillian Whyte is the man who should get the nod and Miller should be banned from boxing if proven guilty.

“The one result they’ve had out of all of this is that they have time to find a replacement – they’ve got five or six weeks before the fight, it’s lucky not having it on the week of the fight,” Warren said. “As far as Miller is concerned, that’s his lot. He shouldn’t be licensed and if he is drugging, he needs to be chucked out of the sport. Simple as that.

“Opponent? That’s the problem they’ve got. The fight is in New York and the Yanks will be looking for one of their own and I’m not sure who they’re going to find to be in the opposite corner to AJ. The guy that you would like to see in there with him and a guy that deserves the opportunity is Dillian Whyte.

“But, that’s two Brits fighting each other in New York and I don’t think that’s a strong selling point,” Warren concluded.

A Joshua and Dillian Whyte rematch seems inevitable

Ironically, Miller had a lot to say about how Joshua had increased his muscle mass during his career and insinuated on multiple occasions the WBA (super), WBO, IBO and IBF world champion had used performance enhancing drugs.

When posed with that irony, Warren suggested there could be some truth to Miller’s insistence that he is innocent and didn’t knowingly take anything.

“He’s banged on about it a bit, didn’t he [Joshua being on drugs in the past] and, as you say, it’s quite ironic the position he finds himself in. What I will say is, I think there is very, very, very few boxers that actually go out and buy supplements and performance enhancing drugs – I don’t believe there is many boxers who would do that.

“I think that comes through the trainers. It’s trainers or nutritionists saying ‘try this, try that’ and as much as at the end of the day the boxer should be and is accountable, we should also look to where they’re getting this stuff from. And that is part of the problem. If he is saying he never knowingly took anything, then who gave it to him to take? That’s the answer, isn’t it?”

talkSPORT spoke to Warren ahead of Amir Khan’s clash with WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford this Saturday, April 20 and you can watch that live on BT Sport Box Office from 11:30pm UK time.

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