Jarrell Miller looks set to avoid ban for three failed Anthony Joshua drugs tests due to bizarre loophole

Jarrell Miller looks set to avoid ban for three failed Anthony Joshua drugs tests due to bizarre loophole

Jarrell Miller will seemingly not receive a ban after failing three drugs tests which caused his fight against Anthony Joshua to be cancelled.

The heavyweight contender looks set to benefit from a bizarre loophole, enabling him to avoid a fixed punishment for the egregious offences he has now confessed to.

Jarrell Miller was scheduled as Anthony Joshua’s US debut opponent on June 1 in New York

Last week, Miller scored an unprecented hat-trick of three failed drugs tests announced within the space of three days – for GW1516, HGH and EPO.

As a result, the New York State Athletic Commission refused to licence him for the Joshua bout and so he was pulled from the event.

However, promoter Eddie Hearn has now revealed that the American’s licence with New York had in fact expired, meaning that they do not have the jurisdiction to punish him.

Due to the fact that American boxing works on a State-by-State basis – rather than with one centralised commission like in the UK – this means he effectively does not have to answer to anyone for his offences.

Unless it later emerges that he is licenced elsewhere, Jarrell Miller will escape without a fixed ban by virtue of this loophole.

Jarrell Miller has still lost out on millions of dollars and has tarnished his reputation within the sport of boxing

Hearn explained to Fight Hub: “The situation is, he doesn’t have a licence with the New York State Athletic Commission because it’s expired.

“So they can’t punish him. They can only refuse his licence. So he can go to any other commission and apply for a licence. I don’t think he’ll get one.”

In usual circumstances, a fighter would be banned by the commission he is licenced with and all other US commissions would stand by this ruling.

For Miller, however, this will not be the case and so he will be able to shop himself to each individual commission until one agrees to let him box again.

It is possible that the sanctioning bodies involved in the fight – the WBA, IBF and WBO – could ban Miller from fighting for their titles or being in their rankings for a set period of time, though this would not prevent him from fighting full stop.

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