League of Legends 2017 Tournament Coverage

League of Legends 2017 Tournament Coverage

We’ll be covering a large variety of regions and tournaments with our League of Legends betting tips throughout the year.

The first tournament we will be covering will be the first ever Rift Rivals competition taking place in early July, and the final tournament will be the LoL Worlds Championship taking place from September to early November this year.

2017 NA LCS Summer Split and Playoffs

The 2017 North American Summer Split is one of the most popular leagues in the world. The split begins in June and ends with playoffs in August. Ten teams compete in a round-robin format where they all play each other twice. At the end of the split, the top six teams are seeded into the knockout rounds (Playoffs) to determine the number one team in North America. Favourites to win are ‘Team SoloMid’; who have attended every final since LCS began four years ago, ‘Immortals’ and ‘Cloud 9’. Matches take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We’ll have previews for each match every weekend as well as eSports accumulators and other eSports betting tips.

2017 EU LCS Summer Split and Playoffs

The 2017 EU LCS Summer Split is very similar to the NA LCS Summer Split. The key difference is that teams are divided into two groups of five. In weeks 1-3 and 8-10 there is a double round-robin within each group, and during weeks 4-7 there is a single round-robin against teams from the other group. At the end of the 10 weeks, the top three teams from each group are seeded into the playoffs, similar to North America. The favourites to win are ‘G2 eSports’, ‘Fnatic’ and the ‘Unicorns of Love’ (yes that’s actually their name!). The games take place every week from Thursday until Saturday and take place from 4pm to around 8pm GMT. We’ll be providing eSports bets of the day, correct score doubles and mega odds accumulators for these games each week.

2017 LCK Summer Split and Playoffs

The 2017 LCK Summer Split is again similar to the EU LCS and NA LCS splits. LCK is the South Korean league and contains the best teams in the world. The format is similar to the NA LCS, with each team taking place in a double round-robin. At the end of the split, the 1st place team is automatically in the finals, the 2nd place team is in the semi-finals and the 3rd and 4th place teams compete in the quarter-finals. Favourites to win are ‘SKT T1’ (who have won the Worlds Championships a record three times), ‘Samsung Galaxy’ and ‘KT’. There are two matches on every morning of the week starting at 9am GMT, except for on Mondays and Fridays. We’ll be providing eSports betting tips including correct score doubles for the games every week.

2017 Rift Rivals

Rift Rivals is League of Legends answer to the age old question, “Who’s better, Europe or North America?”. This is the first instance of the tournament and there is massive hype behind it, so of course we’ll be providing the best LoL betting tips throughout the four days of action. There are five different variants of the tournament taking place around the world but we will only be covering the “Rift Rivals Blue” version, which is Europe vs North America. The top three teams from each region will compete to be crowned the best team in the West.

2017 World Championship

The League of Legends World Championship is the biggest event in all of eSports. The top teams from every major region in the world, as well as two “Wildcard” teams, compete for a prizepool reaching the millions. The 2017 World Championship will be taking place in four different locations within China and is expected to bring in around 50 million viewers. The event begins in September and ends in the first week of November. Expect a tournament preview, daily eSports bets and individual game previews for the knockout stages of the tournament.

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