Sasha Banks takes clear shot at WWE on Instagram during Monday Night Raw

Sasha Banks takes clear shot at WWE on Instagram during Monday Night Raw

It seems the private dispute between WWE and Sasha Banks has now become very public.

The Boss has not been seen since WrestleMania 35 in New York where she and Bayley dropped the Women’s Tag Team titles to the IIconics.

Sasha Banks is a four-time champ
Sasha Banks is a four-time champ

She missed the entire Superstar Shakeup and now three weeks of television.

However, during Raw on Monday night, Banks posted an ominous message on her Instagram story that read: “I don’t fear commitment. I fear wasting my time.”

Of course, there was a screen grab and you can see that below:

Sasha Banks’ IG post

Let’s quickly recap Banks’ and WWE’s problems to give this some context. Banks was left furious after learning that she and Bayley would lose the tag titles at ‘Mania after they were promised a long run with the straps.

Furthermore, that same weekend, WWE dropped the bombshell that they would be breaking up the team and sending Bayley to SmackDown while Banks remained on Raw.

Banks reportedly tried to quit the company, but WWE refused. The 27-year-old has hardly any leverage in this situation after signing a multi-year deal just last year and WWE are refusing to release her.

On top of that, WWE can drag contracts out if a performer is inactive or injured and that’s something they did with Neville. If WWE chooses to dig its heels in – which Dave Meltzer says they are – Banks could find herself on the sidelines for a long time.

Sasha Banks and Bayley moments after they won the Women’s Tag Team titles

WWE have given her time off to consider her future and essentially let Banks calm down. She would be welcomed back and the WWE are planning to use her at Money in the Bank if she wants to return, but Banks’ post suggests she doesn’t trust how they will use her moving forward.

Banks has never had an extended run with any title the WWE have ever put on her and it appears as though the frustrations around that have gotten the best of her.

Somebody is going to have to back down here sooner or later.

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