The Premier League teams most used as hacked passwords

The Premier League teams most used as hacked passwords

When it comes to online safety, you’re going to want to make sure your accounts are as water-tight as the Liverpool defence.

Choose an obvious password, though, and not even Virgil van Dijk can save your personal details from being hacked.

When Liverpool defender Van Dijk is on form, it’s rare their defences are breached.

This week, Britons have been urged to improve their online safety with many people being exploited on the internet due to poor preparation.

The National Cyber Secturity Centre have now released their first ‘UK cyber survey’ and also published a global password risk list – in which all but two Premier League teams are involved.

The most used password overall was ‘123456’ with 23.2million accounts breached using the combination, while honourable mentions go to ‘qwerty’ and ‘password’.

But which Premier League club names were used the most to breach accounts online and access sensitive information? Find out below.