WWE gossip column: Which brand Becky Lynch will appear on after she loses Women’s titles and all of today’s top news

WWE gossip column: Which brand Becky Lynch will appear on after she loses Women’s titles and all of today’s top news

Last night, the WWE aired its first Monday Night Raw since the SUperstar Shakeup and the landscape is certainly different for the red brand.

However, it seems the WWE isn’t done moving talent around. Here is today’s rumours:

Vince McMahon cutting a promo on Raw

Becky Lynch belongs to Raw

The Man is currently the Raw and SmackDown Women’s champion, but Bryan Alvarez believes that Becky Lynch belongs to Raw.

When Lynch does drop the titles or one of them, she will return to being a Raw superstar, even though she did belong to SmackDown and hasn’t officially moved at all. WWE are making an effort to keep couples together and rumours suggest that Lynch and Seth Rollins are dating, too.

Becky Lynch is a now a double champion

Late changes to Superstar Shakeup

All of Andrade, Zelina Vega and Aleister Black were announced for Raw last week, but they’ve already had to pack their bags and head to SmackDown.

Staying with the romantic theme, it seems Andrade has moved back to be with Charlotte Flair and share the same schedule. Interestingly, his manager, Vega, is married to Black, so his tag team with Ricochet has been split and he has followed Vega.

Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas (Smackdown)
Andrade has huge superstar potential

The Viking Experience lasted one week

Yes, the Viking Experience is done with – already. Vince McMahon changed the name of the NXT Tag Team champions, War Raiders, last week and it was met with serious fan disapproval.

This week they became the Viking Raiders and now their finisher is called the Viking Experience. Vince must really love that name…

Viking Experience, formerly known as the War Raiders

The Bar broke up?

Cesaro has moved to Raw as part of the Superstar Shakeup in a late move. Of course, Cesaro was one-half of The Bar with Sheamus and they were five-time Tag Team champions.

Sheamus seems primed to challenge for Finn Balor’s Intercontinental title – the one belt he hasn’t won in WWE – but both men are said to be sad at the team’s demise. Sheamus has neck issues and is thought to be in the winter of his career.

Sheamus & Cesaro (Smackdown)
The Bar are five-time tag team champs

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